Complete ADCC 2011 Results

Here ya go!

All the results, none of my hangover.

Superfight: Braulio Estima defeated Jacare de Souza (points, 3-0)

Masters Superfight: Ze Mario Sperry defeated Renzo Gracie (points, 5-0)

Men’s Absolute

1st Place- Andre Galvao (by toehold)
2nd- Pablo Popovitch
3rd- Alexandre Ribiero (defeated Murilo Santana on points, 2-0)

Men’s +99kg
1st Place- Vinny Magalhaes (on points)
2nd- Fabricio Werdum
3rd- Roberto “Cyborg” de Abreau (via kneebar over Gerardi Rinaldi)

Men’s -99kg
1st Place- Dean Lister (by leglock)!!!
2nd- Joao Assis
3rd- Alexandre Ribeiro (defeated injury substitution Antonio Peinado on points)

Men’s -88kg
1st- Andre Galvao (points)
2nd- Rousimar Palhares (insanity)
3rd- Pablo Popovitch (deftead Rafael Lovato Jr on points)

Men’s -77kg
1st- Marcelo Gacia (triangle choke)
2nd- Leo Vieira
3rd- Kron Gracie (defeated Claudio Calasans via guillotine)

Men’s -66kg
1st- Rafael Mendes (via negative points for pulling guard)
2nd- Rubens Charles
3rd- Jeff Glover (defeated Robson Moura via guillotine)!!!

 Women’s -60kg
1st- Kyra Gracie (via omoplata)
2nd- Michelle Nicolini
3rd- Luana Alzuguir (defeated Hashi Takayo via kneebar)

Women’s +60kg
1st- Gabrielle Garcia (points)
2nd- Hannette Staack
3rd- Ida Hanssen (defeated Penny Thomas via kneebar)

Wanted: Grappling Partners… no, really.

Wanted: Grappling Partner

– BJJ, Wrestling, Judo, Sambo, Catch Wrestling all okay
– Must be interesting in actually getting better
– Must wash your ****ing gi and/or rash guards

The Following Need Not Apply:
– White belts that are spazzes
– Blue belts that know it all
– Purple belts that act like they are letting you win once you establish that you are dominating
– Brown belts that give unsolicited “tips” while you are rolling
– Racists
– Homophobes
– People that can’t stop talking about ****ing politics!

Now that I’ve ostricized about 99% of the grappling community, is there anyone out there that is still serious about training?

Listen, I get it. We all have our bad days. The days when we walk into the gym and nothing has been going write. Your job sucks. Your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/other is being a pain in the ass. I get it. Life happens.

But life doesn’t always suck, so you shouldn’t either.

Stop sitting back and trying to chat about some innane MMA match after we have only repped a move three times.

Stop stalling for three minutes of a five minute round.

I know that I will never win the ADCC Championships, but don’t burst my bubble. At least let me train like I will be there some day.

I want to be better. Why don’t you?

How can you complain about how expensive BJJ costs then sit around talking instead of training?

If you want to chat before class. Fine.

Want to grab a beer afterward? Cool (studies even show it is good for recovery).

Want to act like you have better places to be? Save me the time. Be there instead.

Now, if you will excuse me, if you haven’t noticed, it’s been a bad day. It’s Miller Time. And I want a taco. There aren’t any places around here that make tacos, so Taco Bell will have to do.

Upcoming Grappling Comps in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois (From 09/11-12/11)

10/15/11 King Grappler, Madison WI.

$40 if registered by Oct 5th. $50 at the door. This event is put on by Badgerland Jiu-Jitsu. Check out the somewhat strange website HERE and do your best to negotiate the information.

10/15/11: U.S. Grappling Chicago

Well, assuming that Chicago pulls their heads out of the collective *** and figures out what to do about BJJ, it looks like it will be our little Midwest BJJ Mecca this fall. Event costs range from $65 for one division all the way up to those of you that have too much energy and want to pay $115 for 5-8 divisions.

Check out details HERE

10/22/11 Fall Grappling Games at The Midwest Center For Movement (date might still be pending)
If you’ve read this before, you know I am a huge fan of this comp (and the sexy refs). The competition size is growing every time and is about to get even bigger. Not just is this event double elimination, but for the first time Mike is offering BOTH GI AND NO GI divisions! That’s right, for all you out there with necks too sensitive for gi (and the correlating chokes) you still get to party in Hudson. Mike is renting out an additional 1000 square feet for even more room. As usual, the price is dirt cheap $25 for one (1) division or $35for TWO DOUBLE ELIMINATION DIVISIONS! (add $5 to both prices at the door) Are you ****ing kidding me?! How can you pass this one up?

And, my favorite part, after the kids compete, we are going Grappler’s Quest-style. No Gi first and ADVANCED DIVISIONS got first. No longer will all your hard work mean that you have to wait around. Front and center, show us what you’ve got!

11/12/11-11/13/11: NAGA Illinois, Chicago, Il (not Minnesota or Wisconsin, but close enough). Details to come.

Just because they make me smile: failed backflips

It’s 8am. I have a large cup of coffees, my perfunctory assortment of aspirin, Tums, Pepto Bismol and Alka Seltzer.

It’s early. I don’t really have much in the way of MMA or BJJ on my mind, so, just for me, I want to see some failed backflips.


Sweet jesus. I would make fun of that one more, but I am positive that is exactly how I would look if I tried to do a backflip. Or cartwheel. Or walking while chewing gum.


I know, it’s not in the cage, but it just a bunch of douchey white boys standing around after karate class, so it works for me. Though, I do support the fact that there are people out there that still wear Zubaz.

And then…

This one makes me the happiest of all, for several reasons. Wanna hear ’em? Here ya go:

1) (at 0:45) He didn’t tap. Good for you, only ****** tap. Plus, it was an arm-in guillotine. Those never work.
2) (at 1:22) Chubby guy doing a backflip. Nuff said.
3) (at 1:37) The look look of mild defeat on his face when the ref raised the other guys hand. It was the polite nod like he just lost at the Oscars.
4) (at 1:38) Yup, I lost, but hey, check out my bicep. I like to flex. 

Oop, coffee’s doing it’s job, gotta go…