MTT Submission Only Gi Results from 12/01/2012

One more round of thanks to all competitors and congratulations to all medalists. Not to mention our sponsors Jiu-Jitsu Addict, BJJ Life/Life Brand, SEG Entertainment and KO Sports Gear.

We got some great feedback and it sounds like everyone really enjoys the format. We look forward to hosting our next tournament, so stay tuned for future postings.

It will be No Gi. Yeah!


Purple Belt Absolute

1st- Ben Neumann (Warrior’s Cove/Rickson Gracie)

2nd- Mike Miscowiak (MCFM/Rigan Machado)

3rd- Brandon Bergeron (Academy/Pedro Sauer)

Purple Belt

1st- Ben Neumann (Warrior’s Cove)

2nd- Wes Cambell (Spartan/Pedro Sauer)

3rd- Brandon Bergeron (Academy)


Women’s Absolute

1st- Ashlee Wicklund (Academy)

2nd- Angelique Homen (Warrior’s Cove)

3rd- Asia Robinson (Doc’s Gym)


Women’s over 160.1

1st- Ashlee Wicklund (Academy/Pedro Sauer)

2nd- Keyana Harris (World Jiu-Jitsu)

3rd- Angelique Homan (Warrior’s Cove)


Women’s under 160.0

1st- Pam Sorenson (The Cellar)

2nd- Kristen Weber (Doc’s)

3rd- Asia Robinson (Doc’s)


Blue Belt Absolute

1st- Tom Menton (Warrior’s Cove)

2nd- Doug Cuomo (Fargo BJJ)

3rd- Tony Bous (Next Level Combat)


Blue Belt 190-220

1st- Tom Menton (Warrior’s Cove)

2nd- Charlie Schultz (Warrior’s Cove)

3rd- Luke Moran (MTT)


Blue belt 175-190

1st- Pete Gaffney (Warrior’s Cove)

2nd- Clayton Summitt (Next Level Combat)

3rd- Doug Cuomo (Fargo BJJ)


Blue belt 160-175

1st- Levi Danielson (MCFM)

2nd- John Jarvis (WJJ)

3rd- Darrell Crosby (Excel Life Force)


Blue Belt 145-160

1st- Reid Weiland (WJJ)

2nd- Andre Tieva (Academy)

Best of three match…and f***ing insane! First match was 45 minutes long for Tieva. The second match was 14:33 for Weiland and the third was a short 4:35 for Weiland. Amazing.


Blue Belt under 145.0

1st- Anibal Muniz (Warrior’s Cove)

2nd- Dominic Scheck (Warrior’s Cove)

3rd- Marcus Beddor (Warrior’s Cove)


White Belt Absolute

1st- Anthony Sclavi (Doc’s Gym)

2nd- Parcon Porter (WJJ)

3rd- Adam Board (Doc’s Gym)


White belt 205 and above

1st- Anthony Sclavi (Doc’s)

2nd- Adam Glass (Academy)

Best of Three


White Belt 175-205

1st- Scott Hoemke (Warrior’s Cove)

2nd- Scott Wicklund (Warrior’s Cove)

3rd- Adam Board (Doc’s)


White belt 160-175

1st- Brad Moore (The Cellar)

2nd- Rasheed Harris (Warrior’s Cove)

3rd- Andrew Strub (MCFM)


White belt 145-160

1st- Tyler Soine (MSU BJJ)

2nd Freddie Avila (MTT)

Best of Three


White Belt Under 145.0

1st- Parcon Porter (WJJ)

2nd- Sam Jeffery (MTT)

3rd- Don Ho (Academy)


Team Results Posted Soon.

Quick Results: Downtown Showdown 10 (12/1/12)

For those of you that don’t know: I’m a moron. I scheduled our submission only tournament for the same day as my son’s 1st birthday, so there was no f****ing way the wife was gonna be cool with my going to the fights.

So no drinking, no cleverness, just results:

Nick (My Hero) Palmer defeated Tony Francis via KO at :14 of the 1st round

Jimmy Zidek defeated Ben Miler via KO at 3:29 of the 1st round

Floyd Hodges defeated Dan Wales via submission due to strikes at 1:02 of the 2nd round

Aldric Kennedy defeated Max Clifford via split decision (missed the judge numbers)

Carl Deaton defeated Frank Young via rear naked choke at 3:52 of the 1st round

Sean Richman defeated Angel Pacheco via unanimous decision (30-27 across the board)

Nate Homme defeated Ted Worthington via submission due to armbar at some point…and all I can say is he’s lucky he didn’t get his back…

Hope to be at the next event, more creative and more hungover.

I love you all very much.