Midwest BJJ Blues

The picture makes me feel better.

As a lower middle class slob, I’ve found that rolling in the Midwest definitely comes with its own baggage.

First of all, thanks to social media I get updated and inundated with all the new BJJ competition videos from Pans, Worlds, ADCC, etc not to mention technique of the week style videos like the classics from legend Kurt Osiander.

Seeing Ciao Terra’s Pan Ams prep seminar or BJJ getaways posted gives me a semi- and much like in my personal life, that’s as good as it’s gonna get.

I try to spend as much time on the mat as life allows, but still that kind of comes up short. It’s been a while since I’ve done a gym tour or visited anywhere new and it kind of sucks. All I keep thinking about is how small of a world we live in, especially in Minnesota.

And the animosity is thicker than the passive-aggressive tension.

I get that BJJ is a business and there are a lot of chumps out there that want to open “MMA gyms”. I shudder at the techniques I’ve seen out of these places.

I have no problem with pride in ones gym or affiliation, but it comes at a cost. Minnesota is a long way from the coasts and the wealth of information, skill and revolution exists so we really don’t have the luxury of a blackbelt on every corner (at last count there were only 13 blackbelts in our entire state).

I’m not alone in needing to figure out what I can spend my money on (a new Moya Brand gi, a competition, a seminar or a f***ing load of beer and with Cinco De Mayo coming up CostCo is rocking the mexican beer multi-pack that I crave. Decisions, decisions.)

People are afraid to go to other gyms and seminars or share techniques or even talk to each other at competitions. Jesus t***y-f***ing Christ! Our comps aren’t exactly ADCC!!! Calm the f*** down and get to know people! We can’t afford to treat this sport like a cult.

Perhaps this is a plea for support, maybe just a cry for help and attention for our upcoming Submission Only No Gi tournament on March 16th at Minnesota Top Team details at http://www.MinnesotaTopTeam.com, sponsored by SEG Entertainment, BJJ Life, KO Sportsgear and The Mosier Method…(I feel dirty).

Maybe I’m just looking for a change in the treads of isolation I’ve seen in the state. Maybe I’m just too hungover from mixing citrus rum and Kalhua. Probably the former, the later was delicious.

Regardless, I’ll see yall on the mats, lots of comps coming up.

And finally, to my two biggest detractors (that means people that don’t like me, I know you two need a hand with the big words): I love you very much.