ADCC 2013 Final Results


Here are the final results, most of them with how they won their medal.

And for the record, I didn’t post live action updates because I was busy trying to see if there is such thing as a kickstart fund to pay my bills.

It turns out, that’s just called panhandling.

I’m considering it.


1st: Kron Gracie (guillotine)

2nd: Octavio de Souza

3rd: sorry missed it. Either JT Torres or Leo Vieria

Looks like Kron has found the swagger he had as a brown belt. Maybe no gi is his true calling.


1st: Romulo Barral (3-0)

2nd. Rafael Lovato Jr

3rd: Keenan Cornelius (defeated Pablo Popvich on points)

How the f*** did Popovich lose twice?!


1st: Joao Assis (5- -1)

2nd: Dean Lister

3rd: Leo Nogueira (over Cristiano Lassarini via 2OT dec)

I expected Lister/Assis in the final, so no surprises here.


1st: Marcus Buchecha (heel hook)

2nd: Joao Gabriel Oliveira

3rd: Cyborg (defeated Jared Dropp 3-0)


1st: Cyborg Abreau (10-0)

2nd: Buchecha Almeida

3rd: Keenan Cornelius (3-0 vs. Dean Lister)

Anyone else think that it took too long to promote Keenan? Kind of amazed at Cyborg’s beast showing. Looked like a total animal in all matches.

Women’s under 66kg

1st: Michele Nicolini (heel hook…on my heart)

2nd: Luana Alzuguir

3rd: ?

Women’s over 66kg

1st: Gabi Garcia (via reality…and a choke)

2nd: Maria Malyjasiak

3rd: Tammy Griego (2OT dec over Fenanda Mazelli)


Mario Sperry defeated Fabio Gurgel…after a looooooong time via decision.

ADCC 2013 Day 1 Results

This will be quick, I’m on the can. Sorry no specific decisions, but, well, I’m on the f***ing can.

ADCC_elim_rnd_-66 ADCC_elim_rnd_-77 ADCC_elim_rnd_-88ADCC_elim_rnd_-99   ADCC_elim_rnd_99ADCC_elim_rnd_W-60ADCC_elim_rnd_W60

The only real surprise here was Vinny bowing out early in the super heavy weight. Mildly surprised that Miyao is in the semi finals. Should be some amazing matches today.

Oh, and Galvao finished Braurilo Estima via RNC in the superfight with less than 2 minutes to go.