MN Grappling Events Feb-June 2014

Okay, I’ll build on this list as I go, but I wanted to get this stuff out there and correct as needed. First up…

February 22nd- Midwest Submission Challenge

Location info: Washburn High School, Minneapolis. This was a very smoothly run tournament the first time they were in town. Gi and no gi with submission only formatting (and a clever little OT idea). I’ll post more info soon, but I’m pretty sure pre-reg cost is $40

More info at

March 30th- MKG Gi and No Gi Tournament

Location info: Minnesota Kali Group, 4532 Chicago Ave. South, Minneapolis. Weigh-ins are at 9am that Sunday, yes Sunday. This is a double elimination tournament starting at 10am. $25 for 1 division, $30 for both. This is a smoothly run and fun tournament, one of my favorites.

Contact Fabio at 763-370-9763 for information.

April 26th- Grappling Games in Hudson

Location info: Hudson High School. One of my favorite tourneys, well run, inexpensive, double elimination with gi and no gi. All proceeds go to charity. DO THIS TOURNEY!

May TBD- Submission Hunt

No info yet and date not confirmed.

May 3rd- Minnesota Grappling Challenge

Location info: Minneapolis Convention Center Exhibit Hall. See for details. I’ll post more soon, but they will be able to answer more than I will.

May 17th- NAGA Minneapolis

Location info: Concordia University in St. Paul. Very cool medals, etc, however, given that this has been a strangely busy competition season for Minnesota, the cost might be a little scary for some people. $80 for 1 division, $100 for both (plus $5 internet registration fee).

Mecca 3 at Epic (01/11/14) MMA Results


When trying to choose the right salsa dance studio for you, there are a lot of things to consider. Do not, I repeat, do not take this decision lightly.

First you need to think long and hard if salsa dancing is really for you. Sure the Latin rhythms can get into your blood, even your very soul, admittedly, I’m not immune to such temptation, but that doesn’t mean you are ready for the sort movements involved in highly skilled salsa dancing.

Sure, you can do your research, you can learn the terms and the moves on youtube: cross-body lead, reverse cross-body, copa, reverse copa, hook turn, enchufe, enchufe doble and sombrero.

It also doesn’t mean that just because you and your partner signed up for lessons that you will be the next Candice & Lautaro.


So make sure to take your time and really consider if salsa dancing is for you.

I’m in kind of a weird place right now.

So you can expect more of this s***.


Dale Walters (0-12) vs. Sam Khom (0-5)

Round 1) Admittedly, I’m not really paying attention as this fight starts so I’ll save the actual specifics for YouTube. Not expecting this fight to get out of the first, Walters comes out in his traditional aggressive fashion, though neither seems to be presenting anything solid in the way of striking or grappling skills. Oh, case in point, Walters gave rubber guard a shot…okay…and now Khom has a headlock…is Walters actually choking? Are you f***ing kidding me? He tapped.

Results: Sam Khom at 2:44 of the 1st round via submission due to headlock/bulldog choke (yeah, you read that correctly)

Raul Rodriguez (1-2) vs. Lucas Luloff (0-1)

Round 1) Luloff starts off the round working some boxing and throws a flurry that gets Rodriguez concerned enough to tie up. Luloff keeps the action against the cage and Rodriguez slips in an uppercut right before Luloff breaks off and throws another strong flurry. Both men start throwing heavy hooks and the round ends with Luloff tying up.

Round 2) Rodriguez’s nose is bloody and the two trade leg kicks before Rodriguez ties up again. The action stales for a while and the ref is finally forced to break the two. Luloff lands a leg kick and a right cross then gets a thai plum. It looks like Luloff wants to throw knees (illegal in ammy fights). The round ends with Luloff controlling the action, but not landing any additional shots.

Round 3) Rodriguez, probably sensing that he is behind, comes out the aggressor and it is Luloff that ties up. It looks like Luloff wants a single, but Rodriguez easily stuffs it and gets side control out of it. Luloff gets his guard back and it looks like Rodriguez gives a single tap to an armbar, but the fight continues and Rodriguez slips out, back to cross side. Luloff does what he can to minimize the head and body shots and is able to stand as the round ends.

Results: Lucas Luloff via unanimous decision (28-28 on all cards)

Alex Wiggs (1-0) vs. Charlie Anozie (2-0)

Round 1) Wiggs hits a hard leg kick and Anozie shoots in and Wiggs is able to reverse the takedown, but Anozie doesn’t stay down for long. Wiggs goes for the double as they stand and Anozie adjusts quickly as the land, locking up what appears to be a very tight triangle…how is Wiggs not tapping…how did Wiggs escape? Damn. Anozie stands and the two circle as the round ends.

Thank you Deejay St. Joel for making Dani bounce.


I can’t believe you missed the live version. Look at her, it’s like she’s staring in the the spot where my soul used to be. You know, before I drowned it in cheap whiskey, 80s power ballads and shame.

I’m just kidding. I don’t have any f***ing shame.

Round 2) Anozie’s right eye is bruised as the round starts and immediately goes for a body lock. Wiggs goes for a guillotine, but Anozie takes it to the ground and passes to side control. Wiggs holds the headlock and Anozie tries to find the Von Flue choke, but Wiggs is able to escape and stand again. They circle and Anozie shoots again, HOLY F***! Wiggs with a monster belly-to-belly suplex slam! Anozie gets back to open guard and slows the pace as the round ends.

Round 3) Anozie is on the receiving end of another huge belly-to-belly and is almost able to get a sort of modified lasso sweep, but Wiggs stands again. The two tie up against the cage…they break, circle, tie up again…Wiggs hits another belly-to-belly and Anozie tries to snag an arm, but Wiggs ends up in top half guard, landing shots as the round ends.

Results: Alex Wiggs via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

Dustin Murphy (3-1) vs. Ed Albrecht (1-0)

Round 1) Both men come out with authority, but it’s Murphy that’s able to control the pace. Albrecht circles away toward the cage and both men throw flurries. F***! Albrecht goes stiff for a moment from what looks like a Murphy right hand. Albrecht drops to the mat and tries to cover up, but Murphy adds a few more and the ref waves it off.

Results: Dustin Murphy via TKO at :29 of the 1st round (keeping the much appreciate fast knockout streak alive might I add)

An often over looked method to potty train a puppy it to immediately scoop up the puppy when you catch it starting to go to the bathroom. Hold them in a seated position with their tail between their legs (even if it’s a little messy) and get the dog to the grass all the while saying “outside, outside, outside”.

Place the puppy on the grass and let it finish it’s business. Even if  your dog doesn’t have to go anymore, praise the dog for doing a good job. This will reinforce not only where they are supposed to go, but that going to the bathroom is a good thing. Scolding the dog for going to the bathroom will only confuse them and make training more difficult in the future.

Andrew Conway (2-1) vs. Ty Bowling (1-0)

Round 1) Conway rushes in with some off balance strikes and Bowling has no trouble getting the double leg and passing to half guard. Bowling passes to side control, but Conway gets half guard back. Bowling starts throwing body punches, Conway turns to escape, but Bowling keeps the control and lands some solid head punches. Conway is forced to move back to half guard and cover as the round ends.

Round 2) Bowlings hands are low as he throws some slapping leg kicks, it’s no surprise when he goes for and gets the double leg. Conway is able to get open full guard and Bowling passes to half. Conway nearly gets the sweep, but Bowling bullies him back down. The ref stands the two fighters and Conway goes for a reaching uppercut, only to be hit with a huge double. Bowling gets mount and keeps punching til the ref steps in.

Results: Ty Bowling via TKO at 2:08 of the 2nd round

Pro Fights

Clarence Jordan (3-1) vs. Bobby Ferrier (8-23)

Round 1) Jordan comes out quick working combinations and Ferrier does what he can to keep up with the pace. Jordan shoots in, but Ferrier is able to sprawl. It looks like Ferrier is trying to sink in a 7-year-old choke, but Jordan is able to escape. Jordan works to Ferrier’s back and quickly sinks hooks and the rear naked choke. Ferrier taps.

Results: Clarence Jordan via submission due to rear naked choke at 1:25 of the 1st round

Carl Deaton III (5-1) vs Brian Learn (20-18-3)

Round 1) Learn is the aggressor with jabs and leg kicks, but Deaton hits the double leg, landing in closed guard. Learn tries to angle out, but Deaton starts landing some heavy punches, forcing Learn to turn over. The ref pauses the action due to punches to the back of the head. The two fighters stand, but not for long. Deaton gets the takedown, passes, Learn turtles and Deaton punches until the fight is stopped.

Results: Carl Deaton III via TKO at 4:00 of the 1st round


Should you ever accidentally break a glass on your floor, use a piece of bread to wipe up any small fragments that you might not be able to see. It can be white bread or wheat. Gluten free isn’t really bread, so don’t use it. Do not eat the bread after you’ve used it.


Mike Zimmer (3-2) vs. DeAngelo Curtis (2-4)

Round 1) They trade shots right away, but Zimmer sticks out a half dozen crisp jabs that makes Curtis circle away. Zimmer has a couple solid combinations before Curtis hits a slamming takedown and avoids a triangle attempt. Zimmer is able to escape and Curtis ties up. The action is paused as Curtis lands a couple elbows to the back of Zimmer’s head. Curtis is deducted a point by the ref and Zimmer takes time to recover.

As they start again, Curtis gets a single and Zimmer works to lock up a kimura, but Curtis keeps his arm straight and avoids. Curtis stays aggressive in top half guard and Zimmer is able to stand momentarily right before the round ends. That point is gonna haunt…

Round 2) Curtis opens up with some head kicks attempts and it is Zimmer that gets the bear hug takedown against the cage. Curtis gets full guard and they eventually stand. Curtis sticks a jab and throws a superman punch, Zimmer responds with a few punches and a knee. Curtis gets another takedown to half guard, where the round ends.

Round 3) Curtis goes for a takedown and almost lands in a triangle. Zimmer is able to sit up and Curtis gets full guard. Curtis turns control the arm and turns his hips over, looking for a belly-down armbar. Zimmer defends…and defends…and defends. Eventually, Curtis lets the sub go and moves to the back looking for hooks over what appears to be an open RNC. The round ends with Curtis in control.

Results: Majority draw…see, I told ya so. 28-28, 29-27 (Curtis) and 28-28


Jordan Fass (8-4) vs. Chase Waldon (5-1)

Round 1) Fass forces the clinch against the cage and Waldon delivers some surprising knees and short elbows, but Fass maintains control against the cage working knees and…shoulder butts? The clinch FINALLY breaks and Waldon comes out with a vengeance. He starts throwing some fierce punches and kicks…did I just use the word “fierce”? Fass shoots but Waldon sprawls and keeps working until the round ends.

Round 2) Waldon lands a vicious overhand right that sends Fass to the canvas. Waldon pounces, but Fass rolls and moves to an omoplata, then a heel hook. It looks deep and Waldon looks in pain, but he is able to endure and escape. They stand and Waldon bullies it back to the ground. Waldon looks in pain as he moves to Fass’s back, but can’t find the choke…s***, so much is happening, I can’t follow it all. Check the fight out when it posts on YouTube. Fight of the Night.

Almost didn’t notice that Dani just bounced by. Almost.

Round 3) Fass wants to tie up early, but Waldon wants the trip even more, bringing the fight to the ground. Fass gets his guard back…sorry, just being a fan, no details… Fass looks for a kimura and almost gives up his back in the process. Waldon dives forward for a guillotine and Fess is able to hold out until the round ends.

Results: Chase Waldon via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

Mike Hernandez (4-1) vs. Marvin Blumer (8-3)

Round 1) Hernandez stays mobile and works his boxing, but Blumer continues to pursue without cutting off the angle. Hernandez continues to work his hands and Blumer finally finds a double leg takedown. Hernandez is back to his feet quickly. They separate and Hernandez bounces away. Blumer stays patient and pursues. They trade some nasty punches as the round ends.

Round 2) Hernandez opens with more boxing and movement. Blumer stays in the pocket and kinds a home for his right cross. Hernandez drops to his chin and his eyes got blank for a moment. Blumer pounces, gets his hooks and flattens Hernandez out. The punches start and don’t stop until the ref has seen enough.

An impressive win against a very able striker…but someone please cap Marvin’s microphone time to something under 10 minutes.

Results: Marvin Blumer via TKO at 2:49 of the 2nd round

Tony Zelinski (6-2) vs. Melvin Blumer (8-2)

Round 1) Buncha kicks…it went to the ground…I’m sorry, I’m sure these guys trained really hard and all, but I’m exhausted after the last few fights. I’ll let ya know if anything important happens.

Round 2) Stuff.

Round 3) Blumer goes Marco Ruas (learn your MMA history) on Zelinski’s leg. Zelinski topples in pain and Blumer lands a couple punches before the ref calls it off. Zelinski is in obvious pain and needs to be helped out of the cage.

Results: Melvin Blumer via TKO at 2:05 of the 3rd round

Zach Juusola (9-2) vs. Codie Kahler (4-0)

Round 1) Both men trade single punches and kicks without a combination. The bridge of Kahler’s nose appears to have been cut. Juusola looks calm and circles as he looks for his strikes and takes advantage of his reach. Another punch puts Kahler on his butt, but the ref stops the action because some dips*** spilled a drink off the balcony.

Kahler isn’t showing the same aggression that he’s previously been known for. Crap, I got blood on my computer again. Kahler’s face is showing a lot of damage and he can’t seem to find an answer for what Juusola is presenting. The round ends with Juusola controlling the pace.

Round 2) Kahler comes out with a couple of jump kicks and finally lands a solid cross that forces Juusola to attempt a takedown, but gets stuffed. Juusola comes back with a combination and a couple of knees. The hits keep coming and Juusola lands about three dozen punches, kicks and knees that go unanswered. The ref has seen enough.

Results: Zach Juusola via TKO at 1:44 of the 2nd round


If porcupines developed their quills as a defensive measure over millions of years of evolution, how did whatever it was before it had quills survive that long? I mean, it’s basically just a big guinea pig. That’s the kind of s*** that keeps me up at night.

That and the whiskey spins.


Billy Christianson (9-3) vs. Dan Kiser (11-3)

I’m torn over who to root for. I love the country boy Christianson’s brawling, but Kiser helped me find my wallet. Decisions, decisions. This would be so much easier if I was an unbiased “journalist”.

Crap, is this a five round fight? Not that these two are prone to going the distance, but…it’s about 11:30pm, so, fingers crossed.

Round 1) Both men put out feelers, Christianson tries for a heel kick then blocks a head kick from Kiser. Christianson rushes in and throws a big flurry, catching Kiser with what looked like a left hook. Kiser drops to his knees but stands. Christianson drops him again and follows him to the ground getting both hooks in and digging for a rear naked choke. Kiser cage-walks away and Christianson gets a body triangle. Kiser continues to defend. Christianson turns it to mount at the warning and lands a few more shots before the round ends.

Round 2) Christianson is showing a nasty left hook and he bullies Kiser against the fence. Christianson gets a single and Kiser pulls for a guillotine, Christianson gets to mount and turns for an armbar, but Kiser slips out. Christianson stands and lands a falling punch as he passes to cross side. Kiser turns for an armbar, but Christianson pulls free. Kiser locks up a triangle! But Chirstianson pulls free! Another triangle from Kiser! CHRISTIANSON TAPS OUT! AMAZING FIGHT!

And now there is an exchange of words. Christianson appears pissed that Kiser might have held the choke too long after he tapped. Admittedly, after replay, it did look held a little long.

They hug it out.

Jesus, don’t miss watching the replay of this fight. Amazing from both fighters.

Results: Dan Kiser via submission due to triangle choke 2:56 of the 2nd round


Jesus, I’m exhausted just watching that. Gnite.