Driller MMA: Mecca V Results (05/31/14)


I’m conflicted, and it’s not just because the only picture I could find for this article was a bunch of topless dudes with no words of explanation.

I’m conflicted because, by and large, I enjoy MMA as a blood sport.

Not only am I a magnet for fighter blood splatter, but I am in the strange minority of people who write and actually understand the techniques involved in all aspects of MMA AND enjoys the carnage it creates.

Note that I didn’t call myself a “journalist”. Perhaps MMA typer would be more appropriate since I have almost no filter and even less talent.

But I digress: I’m conflicted.

I’m conflicted because as I write this, a local fighter, Dan “The King” Kiser is in a fight that started in a cage, but currently wages in a hospital bed.

I’ll spare the details of how it happened and skip to the fact that Dan needed surgery to relieve swelling from his brain.

I don’t have a horse in the race. I don’t train with Dan and I’ve never had a beer with him.

But he helped me find my wallet once.

Help him. He is a rare good guy in this game.

Yeah, that’s right, much like me, a lot of you are d***s, deal with it.

Dan is one of the good ones.


If the link doesn’t work, please click HERE to support Dan and his family.

Hence the conflict. While I want to see two guys get into the cage and beat the hell out of each other in a show of heart, skill and determination to rival the instant classic of Ben Smith vs. Nate Howe, I can’t help but think about the ramifications.

…but I’ll get over it. I always do. Thanks alcohol!

Speaking of which, as I fill in the gaps of this article, I’m doing it all on my phone at the bar. It’s f***ing crowded in here. So if you have a problem with my write-ups, I don’t care. Why are you still reading these articles anyway?

We got Andrea rocking the cage tonight. For those that have not personally witnessed the joy of her ring work, I pity your lives.


And if you needed another reason, Andrea donated her money from the last fights to help support Dan and his family.

Now I bet you feel like a douche.


If you are reading this and it is missing results either they haven’t happened yet or I just wandered away for no particular reason.

Check back later. Or don’t. I don’t care.


Sam Khom (1-6) vs. Taylor Berg (0-0)

Technique so good he didn’t even need to sink hooks. *sarcasm horn* Oh, you expected more for write ups? I’m on a f***ing phone!

Results: Sam Khom via submission due to rear naked choke at 1:18 of the 1st round

Michael Bullen (1-0) vs. Michael Walsh (1-1)

Tell you what, Walsh may look like the NBC paige onĀ 30 RockĀ but he’s got some skills.

Results: Michael Walsh via submission due to RNC at 1:14 of the 1st round

Sam Hernandez (4-4) vs. Karter Holthusen (2-0)

What about Karter’s profile suggested taking him down was a good idea.

Results: Karter Holthusen via submission due to armbar :41 of the 1st round.

Chelsi Westdrop (3-2) vs. Linsey Williams (0-0)

If those were first fight jitters…damn…

Results: Linsey Williams via submission due to RNC at :58 of the 2nd round.

Richard Rodriguez (5-0) vs. Dustin Murphy (5-1)

Rodriguez has some game to get out of what looked like a deep kimura and a couple toes holds. very nice.

Results: Richard Rodriguez via technical submission due to RNC at 2:46 of the 1st round.

5 fights, 5 submissions. Word.

Aaron Shaw (2-4) vs. Danny Olson (0-2)

Fight should have gone to the ground in the 1st. That was a rough round To watch if you know anything about striking.

Results: Danny Olson via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

Ash Majek (6-2) vs. Bryan Mortensen (7-5)

Mankato must be a tougher town than i give it credit for.

Results: Bryan Mortensen via kneebar at 1:53 of the 2nd round

Uh oh I’m announcing…eeee! After a screwdriver…

Adam Schumacher (6-4) vs. Sean Richman (0-0)

I expected a guard pass, I got a f***ing bomb. Well, technically Schumacher got the bomb…

Results: Sean Richman via verbal submission at 4:45 of the 1st round

Bobby Ferrier (12-24) vs. Kyle Todd (0-0)


Results: Kyle Todd via submission due to RNC at 2:47 of the 1st

Co-Main Event

Tony Zelinski (5-4) vs. Carl Deaton III (6-1)

Deaton may just become well-rounded yet.

Results: Carl Deaton III via submission due to neck crank at 4:47 of the 1st round.

Main Event- Bantamweight Title

Matt Brown (6-3) vs. John Castaneda (4-0)

Looked like it could have been a flash knockout to me, but watch the replay and judge for yourselves. People are pissed.

Results: Matt Brown via TKO at…i missed it over the boos in the 1st round